Frequently Asked Questions

When I finish this course will I be ready to launch?

This all depends on a few things. If you attend all live classes, take action consistently, define your clearest offer to the right people, seek support, help and offer it where you can…then work towards your defined launch date every single day…then yes, you will be ready to launch. Fearless Launching will help you identify the systems you need to set up in your business and for your launch, so that it actually happens. Your job is to set these systems up and then work on the primary part of the launch that determines your launch’s success – your appropriate, clear offer to a specific group of people who want what you’re selling. This course will help you figure out if your offer is right for your audience (and how to find that out), but most of your time will be spent learning what it takes to create a concrete launch plan and strategy…and then will guide you to take action on that plan. Each week will work through a different aspect of the launch. Our live calls will answer your questions and also give you the “weekly tasks” you should be focused on in order to keep moving forward!

I’m about to launch a program, should I go through this course first and THEN launch?

First of all, your train is already moving. Joining this course will definitely help you refine what you’ve got in motion. In fact, it may even save you the heartache of putting out a product, course, or service before you have all your ducks in a row. So you get to choose…you can follow through with what you’re doing right now. If you’ve done the work, know who you are selling to and that they want what you’ve got to sell or you have a clear understanding of their needs, GO FOR IT. Or you can join Fearless Launching to jump in and get much needed feedback from me. Because I don’t offer many private coaching spots, this is the one easy way you can get access to me, my experience on many launches, and get it any time I do the class live (at least twice a year!). It’s the truth. Also, since there are many different approaches to the process, the psychology, the marketing, being part of a thriving community like Fearless Launching are all launching (and all at different phases of their business). The support and new people to share your work will help you keep momentum and get your NEXT launch up and off the ground!

Are the classes live or recorded?

Both. All core training modules are recorded and will be start to become available shortly after you enroll. If you join during an Early Enrollment period, you may receive bonuses leading up to the live session of Fearless Launching and only receive access to the program during the public launch of the program. If you enroll for the live session of Fearless Launching, you will get live calls 1-2 times per week. We often do one of these calls on Facebook Live or in a Webinar setting. After the live sessions wrap up, we will continue to have regular live check-ins inside the private Facebook group!

How will the replays and bonuses be delivered?

All office hours call replays and coaching call replays will be sent to each student via email and posted in the members area plus posted in the Facebook group. Bonus videos will be posted inside the members area along with a list of recommended resources from each expert as the relevant content is released each week. Graduation bonuses become available upon your successful completion of the program.

When will the bonuses be available?

Each week along with the relevant module that’s been released, there’s always at least one bonus training that’s released too! So, all bonus videos and material will be delivered near the 5th week of the course unless they are listed as graduation bonuses. Students will be notified by email when specific bonuses are available. *This does not include early enrollment bonuses which will be delivered prior to the start of the full live course.

Will you go over all the “tech” stuff that is required..such as how to create a membership site?

Because there’s a wide range of tools and software used to create online launches, it would be impossible to cover each in depth. You will find training that cover the primary tools required to set up the backend, website and technical aspects of a launch, but you should seek in depth technical help on these and tools and other backend systems in another program or with the actual service/tool provider itself! Many of the tools we talk about in the program have extensive training libraries available to their customers. Go through the systems training in Fearless Launching first and then decide if you need additional training and where you need additional support.

What’s the cost to enroll?

The enrollment pricing may fluctuate and increase during each new round of the program. That said, the price has not increased substantially over the past few sessions and I’ve made extended payment plans available to make sure the training isn’t going to put you in any financial bind. No matter what membership you choose, your enrollment fee gives you lifetime membership to the programs and all updates I make! There may be separate Facebook Groups for incoming new students, but I’ll always let you know when the next round of the program starts and you’ll always have access to it all!

I want to enroll, but not sure I have a product, or enough of a mailing list! Am I really ready for a class like Fearless Launching?

Yes! Learning to launch starts from the second you set up your blog or create your first ebook. Even if you’ve got zero people on your list, launching your blog, launching a new freebie, those are real launches you can use to practice launching before you actually have too many people watching. You’ll find out that launching requires setting up your business in a specific way, being consistent and setting regular business rituals for yourself, as well as understanding what has to happen to get every piece of work you do out to the world….so everything in your business comes back to launching and promoting… Launches don’t just make your money, but it helps you grow your list!

Will the program help me find my target market?

The offer module will help you discover whether your current audience is actually the best audience for whatever you’re launching. And, because you’ll start to ask the right questions to your audience and to people you discover as potential ideal customers, you’ll have more clarity on which offers fit for which people. You’ll also learn my process for getting your audience to give you all the answer you need to create all the communication for your launch–including your sales page!

Do I get private one on one coaching in this program?

The main program is not meant to be a one-on-one strategy or coaching program. Also, I do not manage your launches hands on. However, I always offer the Fearless Launching members the opportunity to work with me first whenever I have time available! Make sure to visit my shop page if that is what you think you need! In addition, we have ongoing community calls where you’ll be able to get your questions answered–often on a weekly basis time permitting!

How much group coaching are you providing in the Facebook group?

The group is meant for you to build your own community of launch support. New sessions may be established in their own private Facebook group, so I can give you as much focused help that I can! Once the course finishes, you’ll be invited into the bigger Facebook community for ongoing peer support! I will definitely be in the bigger group as well, providing feedback when I can, but I want you to take control of the group and really use it to create your launch plans together. The best way to get feedback from me is by submitting questions for office hours calls and attending the monthly community calls too!

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