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Learn how to launch in 6 weeks with a system and process unique to your business. No blueprints allowed.

What if you had a personalized, no hassle system to launch your

products, services and big ideas to the world?

Imagine a system that allows you to launch without worrying if you’re doing it right, if your list is big enough, or if you’re even ready. Nope – you know exactly what to do, how to reach the right people, and who to call upon to make it happen.

All of the myths you’ve been told about launching

are about to be busted WIDE open.

See – only a few VERY SHORT years ago, I was struggling to build my list trying to get people to tell me what they wanted, believing that I wasn’t ready. I was a blogger with no clue – no clue who I was speaking to. No clue what problem I could solve for those unknown people. But I knew that I needed to offer something in order to grow, build and even FIND my audience in the first place.

So I took a leap of faith and pushed out my first, then second, then 3rd launch…and I realized the truth that many respected success stories weren’t saying.

Launching is about turning people’s eyes on you and then asking them to take action.

No one’s ever truly ready for a launch – so don’t wait until you’re ready. Even the people we look to for all the answers – they don’t have the answers either.

Moral of the story: Launch even and especially when you DON’T have everything figured out.

That’s why I created Fearless Launching.

I watched budding entrepreneurs doing everything “right” with tons of amazing ideas, playing business…but never taking it to the level of execution and launching.

Not only that – I saw these same super busy entrepreneurs not making money (or not making very much).

So I created a program to teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to break out of the common launching loops–being overwhelmed by all the pieces required in a launch, waiting to hit some magical metric in your business, the frustration of how to afford, find and hire a full or part-time launch team, and thinking you don’t know what to do next.

I believe you’re ready to say goodbye to those excuses.

And I’m here to help you get to work.

What Is Fearless Launching?

Fearless Launching is a 6 week online training program and live ongoing mastermind community that shows you the entire online product launch process, step-by-step how to create your own unique launch system, find out what your audience wants, create a team or network of support, and best yet – you’ll learn how to tweak and test your process as your business launches more and more of your big ideas.

The program takes you through launching almost anything online, provides step by step advice, relevant industry tips, and worksheets to guide you the process of creating your own launch templates and checklists to ensure that you actually do take your idea and ship it.

But here’s the best part – you can use the Fearless Launching strategy and mold it to whatever it is you’re launching. A new studio space, a series of live events, a physical product, a book, your new coffeehouse or art space, or your can choose to take it online (or keep it there!).

What else?  Bonus materials have been carefully selected and created to add (not detract) from the core training modules. Expert interviews about “the first time” launching, master classes by industry leaders on topics you WILL want to master in order to launch. Resources are also provided for almost every phase and aspect of your launch – stuff you can actually use each time you launch!

If you’re ready to create your own system, blueprint and process to launch, there are two options to choose from:




Focused on Six Make It or Break It Elements of Launching

Here’s Exactly What You Get

The Fearless Launching program is focused on six key areas that can literally make or break your launch no matter what you’re launching–a business, product, or service online (or offline), an etsy store, a live event. You have lifetime access to the entire Fearless Launching course & library. Plus, even when you enroll as a self-study student, you can change your mind and upgrade to the full community any time you want!

Note: Every module is delivered where you need it. Watch and learn from your computer, or download your training to your iPad or iPhone. You’ll also receive MP3s, PDF checklists and worksheets, transcripts, resource guides, and templates.

Launching 101 – The Overview

I know how crazy it feels to not know where you’re going…even when you’re learning the process. Instead of making you piece things together, I’m giving you the whole process right up front. This week we get going fast – taking the big picture look of what happens from start to finish during a launch.

I wanted you to be able to put the course to use even if you’re already launching, so we’ll cover the entire process, different kinds of launches, and some little secrets about big launches you might wish you didn’t know!

Your Offer

How can you be sure what you are offering to the world makes people take notice – and CLICK the button? And…is there a way to make sure your product and online offers are solid before they go out the door? What counts as an offer?  When it comes to your offer – it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to get rid of, when it’s working, when it’s too confusing, and when not to touch a thing.

You’ll walk away understanding the importance of naming, branding, and have a solid take on how your current offer needs to change or if you better get to launching fast!

Systems That Sell Your Launch

If you’re planning your next launch – your first or you’ve done them before – then you know you need to be absolutely certain your ducks are all lined up and ready to go long before the day the world gets to find out about your genius and become customers! After this week – you’ll feel so much better knowing you have these in place and that your launch is ready to handle all the moving pieces!

You’ll know what tools you’re going to use from the beginning to the end of your launch. By the end of this week, you’ll have a clear understanding of what systems you need from the backend to customer service and even how to track your launch stats.

The Master Schedule

There’s no avoiding this one. The idea of planning the details of your launch can be so intimidating that it shuts you down. This class walks you through the whole process, breaks it down into manageable steps, and then makes it easy to orchestrate. You’ll find out that creating your master schedule is part to-do list, part keeping an eye on the bigger vision. I’ll also give you some confidence-boosting templates to make your planning seriously SIMPLE.

Your Power Partners

I like to call anyone who’s going to be involved in your launch a partner. When you invite people to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you – instead of just hiring them to “fetch & go” – they will push harder, take greater ownership, and produce even more incredible results.

Team building is a crucial piece of the launch puzzle. Many beginners miss this one and short-change themselves and their success. You don’t need any big guns on your side, but you do need the right people – people who know you and what you’re about. They can spread the word about you naturally and share your message with the right audience.

Communication + Outreach

Before anything leaves your hot little hands (or outbox), it’s vital to understand how to communicate with everyone involved with your launch. We’ll dig deep to uncover why a consistent communication strategy is a key ingredient for your launch and overall business. This week is all about understanding how your people want to be talked to, how to make changes if no one is responding, and how to keep people from “unsubscribing” when you start talking about your launch.

Looking For Next Level Launch Training…well, you found it.

You could say I have been around the block a few times.  After spending more than a decade in Hollywood helping complex animation and visual projects come to the big screen, I jettisoned into the online business world totally by accident. My first big (million dollar) launches were with Marie Forleo, Laura Roeder…and I’ve continued to support some well respect business owners in the online and offline space – like Jonathan Fields, Jen Louden, Natalie MacNeil, and many more.  My resume speaks for itself.

But the truth is – I have a passion for helping people get things done…and doing so in a way that is respectful to the audience being served…and I believe everyone can pull off a stellar launch with all the right pieces and intention in place. My goal is to provide you with a growing resource as you need it. That’s why I insist on going laser deep on topics that you may need to develop your next and next and next launch.

Yah, yah, I know it’s not good business to promise ongoing bonuses, but when you join Fearless Launching, expect this to become the place you check first when you’re ready to launch, test a new product or share something you’ve learned with other launchers…


A few launches I’ve been a part of…

Launching is about turning people’s eyes on you and then asking them to take action

What ELSE is in this One Stop Launch Shop?

To get you started RIGHT away, you’ll also get access to the following training materials…. An asterisk* indicates a “Graduation Bonus” which means you’ll receive access to that training once you complete the program and your tuition is paid in full.

The “First Time” Interviews

Listen to a growing list of experts tell you about their first launch and what they’ve learned since then. Something about hearing their start up stories is enough to make you calm and know you’re not alone. Laura Roeder, Corbett Barr, Amy Porterfield, Kelly Kingman, Pace Smith, Jessica Kupferman, Hillary Rubin, and many many more.

Relaunch with Laura Roeder*

This graduation bonus – is a must have masterclass that gives you the inside skinny on how to relaunch anything, when to NOT relaunch, plus the class comes with its own resource guide and worksheet to make the process easy PEASY.

Master SEO for your launch with Liz Lockard*

This graduation bonus – is one of those must have pieces to your next launch and your business in general. Liz cuts to the quick and provides you with 5 very specific actions you should take well before your launch to make sure you are truly SEO-ified. SEO isn’t a quick fix or a just before your launch strategy – it’s something you put in place and tweak over time.

Launch Copywriting 101

Grab this copywriting checklist and worksheet to help you craft the communication for your launch–including writing your launch emails, writing your sales page, and writing your social media messages for your next launch all while sticking to your voice, brand, and overall message.

Social Media Express Train

This handy checklist-slash-worksheet will help you learn how to use social media before, during, and after your launch – even if you aren’t using it now. Social media expert Sarah Burns will show you exactly how to leverage the channels you are already using and which ones to add in order give you the most momentum!

And if that isn’t enough, you have the option to upgrade and join our live mastermind community whenever you want!

Two Live Coaching Calls Every Week

Have a burning question about your launch? Want to get some extra help on your launch plan? For Pro Members Only – you’ll jump on the phone with me and the other launchers twice a week for 6 weeks to either ask a question or get support. We dive deep into your questions, your launch, your launch plan, and whatever you are struggling with!

The Launch Mastermind

Courtesy of one of the best Facebook communities around…and I know that Facebook communities seem to be the thing these days, but I can assure you that this one is different. No excessive pitching, support at almost any hour of the day. And best of all – we stay on topic and geek out on a regular basis on what’s happening in launches all over the online business world and beyond. This group keeps getting stronger. You’ll be featured to the other Fearless Launchers, find potential partners and team members…plus a whole crew of promoters who want your launch to do well. But if there’s one standout value of this group – it’s the honesty people stick to and share with each other. Plus, we’ll hook you up with a study partner if you need one!

What's Stopping You From Launching?

Still not sure Fearless Launching has the A’s to your Launch Q’s?

Here’s a sample of questions that WILL get answered…

These are for real questions and challenges I’ve seen entrepreneurs struggle with time and time again. I keep my ear to the ground for the real life – relevant questions you’re asking. That’s how Fearless Launching keeps growing. It’s based on your needs – not mine!

  • What should I launch first?
  • How long do things take and what do I do first?
  • How do I write my launch emails? What comes first?
  • What pieces should be in place before you breathe a word of the launch to anyone?
  • How do I find out if people want what I’m launching?
  • Eek! No one is clicking on my offer, what do I do?
  • What tools do I need and which ones can I skip?
  • How often should I post about my launch on social media?
  • Do I need a merchant account? Can I use paypal?
  • Do I really need to keep tabs on conversion rates and traffic during my first launch?
  • What’s the deal with SEO – will it help my launch?
  • How do I make a launch schedule?
  • Who do I need to hire to help me on my launch?
  • Do I need an affiliate program?
  • How many launch emails do I have to send?
  • Who should I send emails to?
  • How many guest posts do I need to do before my launch?
  • How big should my list be before I launch?

And many more… (what’s your biggest question?)

And just to make sure we’re super clear…

Fearless Launching is right for you if:

…You are overwhelmed with all the pieces in a launch There are lots of moving parts in a launch, and even if you’re not great sticking to a schedule and getting things done by the deadlines…launching is still possible. Believe it or not – you don’t have to have the entire launch figured out before you set a date for it! If you did – you might never launch! Fearless Launching is all about giving you the exact tools, pieces, and in the order they usually come so you’re prepared for them.

…You’re a serial launcher Your products and services are at a lower price point, so you think you need to do more launches. In fact, it feels like you’re launching all the time. Fearless Launching won’t let you off the hook but it will show you how to structure a year of launches and do it with grace.

…You’ve got no map – and you feel lost Seeing the big picture and mapping it out from start to finish would literally make your heart skip a beat. Believe it or not – just having that map helps you be more productive…even when you don’t follow it completely. That’s what Fearless Launching teaches – I give you the map and then we start dissecting the pieces you and your launch specifically needs.

…You Have a Unique Idea That Needs A Personalized Launch System You’ve tried ready made systems and blueprints and swipe files… and none of them has worked. You want to know why? They were not made for your business. So now’s your chance to create a no hassle system that you can shape for you, your audience, and one that fits with your business.

…You don’t have any budget to hire a team Uh yeah – your head is spinning at the thought of the launch to do list… and that’s where I come in. I’ve managed myself, small teams, and large teams…and the workflow is the same.  So – even if you can’t find some moola to hire help, I’ll help you find help.  Mark my words.  You will have a team.  Even if it’s you and that least expected second cousin who’s suddenly available to answer your emails.

…Your team has never managed a launch Most people you hire to help you when you’re starting your business don’t have the experience needed to properly manage and monitor a launch.  So – no matter if you’ve got a VA who needs to understand the process or want to do a full team up level so that everyone understands what needs to happen during a launch, Fearless Launching will give your team (and you) the mentoring needed to walk smartly into that next launch.

We stand behind what we teach. If you’re unhappy with your Fearless Launching purchase, send us an email within 30 days of purchase and we’ll happily refund you in full. Because we’re so sure that Fearless Launching will have a HUGE impact on your business, we won’t honor refund requests until AFTER you’ve had a chance to review the program’s contents and you’ve made an effort to experience all the live elements of the class!

Ready to Get Started?

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